Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fierce Oblivion Introduction

Welcome to Fierce Oblivion. I've been re-reading my former blog, UndeadWords. I started UndeadWords way back in 2004 when I was running an organic landscape nursery in Hawai'i. It was sometimes a journal, sometimes a place to bookmark interesting links to information, sometimes a place to show my photography. I did not define the blog with a stated focus or attempt to appeal to a certain demographic. I was irregular in posting new entries and did not attempt to promote content. In other words, it's a mess. I am slowly going through and fixing broken links, misspellings, and deleting incoherence. Read at your own risk and my possible embarrassment.

Now I'm in the boonies of the Sierra Foothills of California. At present I continue to work on my sculptural art, photography, and writing. I am also in the process of working on a book, It Seemed Funny at the Time. The subject matter of the book greatly concerns the Fundamentalist paradigm, it's opposition, and what seems to happen in between. I will be using Fierce Oblivion to post thoughts and perspectives on current events that are relevant but tangential to It Seemed Funny at the Time. I welcome comments and feedback.

Also, I have recently started my own website dedicated to my photographic work: I am available as a photographer for special occasions. The ideal gigs would be photographing production stills for the film industry, shooting for documentary productions, and anything else that needs a low profile style documentation. Contact me @